Are shoes on layaway a good idea?

It starts like this: pay day is next week, but you just got an unexpected call inviting for an interview at the end of this week. What in the world are your options going to be for acceptable footwear? Your last good pair of dress shoes was sacrificed by the dog. If only there was a method to buy now, pay later for shoes. This would let you get what you are in need of right this instant and save you the headache of having to deal with things in the future.

Thankfully, we live in the 21st century. What does that mean? You would be surprised by the amount of online vendors which boast letting consumers buy now, pay later for shoes. Exploring these avenues will let you get what you are in need of right now and worry about financing a little later in the week—when it’s much more convenient and less of a hassle.

QVC, here

Vendors who allow you to buy now, pay later for shoes are going to have individual methods the business practices. QVC allows you to purchase shoes for yourself and make future payments through their Easy Pay service. With the Easy Pay Offers already clicked, the link here shows you an aggregation of the products QVC has available. In light green print, it tells you ahead of time how many payments you will be expected to make—it ranges from 2-6 and lets you easily calculate what your costs will be in the upcoming months.

Masseys, here

Masseys will allow you to buy now, pay later for shoes as long as your credit is ultimately approved after the checkout. This option is different from QVC in that it looks as though it is more of a credit card than anything. Considering there is no official application to fill out, all you have to do is put your ideal shoe(s) in the checkout and select Masseys Credit as your payment method. You will be notified whether or not you got accepted and if your goods are on their way to you. If this is something that works for you, your credit line can be extended up to twice a year, depending on purchase history.

Mason Easy Pay, here

Very similar to Masseys, Mason Easy Pay is an additional option for you to use in order to buy now, pay later for shoes. In fact, we even did a little research to see if Masseys and Mason Easy Pay are owned by the same company and it turns out that they are. Mason Companies is the owner of eight different ventures. In knowing this, Masseys and Mason Easy Pay are going to work in the same exact way (but are not cross platform, so if you get accepted for one, you will have to still apply for the other). Mason Easy Pay looks as though it caters more toward the male and child demographic than Masseys, which advertises mostly for women.

 J. Jill, here

Our final candidate for a reliable source to buy now, pay later for shoes is J. Jill. This vendor works in the same way the prior two do, in that you must apply for a J. Jill credit card account prior to being accepted for credit. At checkout, it is advised to select “deferred billing.” If accepted, you will have 90 days of no interest or payments on purchases $100 or greater. Catering toward women’s apparel, J. Jill is a great choice if you are looking for flexibility. With name brands on hand, the purchase price may seem a bit more extravagant, but isn’t that what the credit line is ultimately for?

Once you’ve got your cute shoes, don’t forget your gold ankle bracelets

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